Best Top 10 Insurance Companies in India 2018

Best Top 10 Insurance Companies in India

Well, today there are many insurance companies that people know about. But here you will tell about the top 10 companies in India that the areas of knowledge have achieved tremendous progress and progress. These insurance companies are making good names not only in India but also abroad outside of India. In addition, these companies have been providing their services for many years.

Best Top 10 Insurance Companies in India
Best Top 10 Insurance Companies in India

10. HDFC Standard Life Insurance

 This company is now known as HDFC Life. This is a key name among the private insurance companies. These deals both personal and group insurance products. They also have an adequate financial capacity to safely take care of the investment for a long time. HDFC Life works with more than 700 cities and 568 branches. He also has 2 lakh, financial advisors.

9. Birla Sun Life Insurance 

Birla Sun Life Insurance has always been a major contributor to the development of the life insurance sector of India and is currently one of the top 5 private life insurance companies in the country. There is also the first financial service provider to come up with a business continuity plan, unit-linked life insurance plan and free look facility in India.

8. Oriental Insurance

 Insurance Company is also a top ranking insurance company. AM Best, an international rating agency has given it a B ++ rating, which is a good ranking. There are 26 regional offices in India and at least 900 operating offices, apart from it, it works in places like Nepal, Dubai, and Kuwait.

7. ICICI Lombard General Insurance 

This insurance company operates different domains such as General Insurance, Insurance Claim, Management, Re-Insurance and Investment Management. At the same time, this company is a major general insurance company among private companies. It is also the first Indian organization to receive ISO 9001: 2000 official recognition. It has also been rated AAA by ICRO.

6. IFFCO Tokyo General Insurance 

The company has 110 offices throughout the country and is a 51 Strategic Business Unit. It is the only insurer of India that provides a fully owned distribution channel, IFFCO-Tokyo Insurance Services Limited, to catering to retail customers. At present, there are 1400 employees and it is one of the leading insurance companies in the field of automobile and fertilizers.

5. ICICI Prudential Life Insurance

 ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company has secured the National Financial Strength rating in the field of AAA Life Insurance through Fitch. For three consecutive years, this company has won the title of Trusted Private Life Insurance Company. It has 1,900 branches and there are more than 2 lakh advocates.

4. New India insurance 

The name of this company will be in the field of satellite insurance. While it has 1068 offices in India, it is functioning smoothly outside of India even in Japan, Fiji, UK, Australia, and the Middle East.

3. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance 

Bajaj Allianz is run by the General Insurance Company Bajaj Company, which is a big name in the field of motorcycles. The name of this company is also always ahead for property insurance. Its re-vanity is mainly coming from automotive insurance. This company has been working since 2001. It has 200 offices all over India.
 Here, you will tell you about which company the insurance works in:

  • Auto  
  • Health  
  • Homeowners  
  • Travel  
  • Commercial

2. Tata AIG General Insurance 

The success of this company is the secret of its confidante. It is India's 5th largest company, working in the field of banking sector and finance. Employees of Tata AIG Journals say that the main reason for working here is that the implementation here provides career growth and substantial opportunities. This is a very large insurance company working in the field of General Insurance.

1. Life Insurance Corporation of India

Life Insurance Corporation of India is a very large insurance company that works under the Union Government. It provides service of life insurance, pension plans, personal and group insurance plans. It has many different branches such as:

  • Life Insurance Corporation of India International  
  • LIC Housing Finance 
  • LIC Nepal 
  •  LIC Lanka  
  • LICHFL Care Homes   

12 million people of this insurance company are policyholders and 9 lakh, agents. So far, the company has given 120 million policies. The biggest rule of success is its favorable ability. This company has been working since 1964.

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