What is CPU | Components of a CPU | CPU History

What is CPU?

In today's article, you will know what the CPU is and what components of the CPU are there. What is the history of CPU and why it is done you will know in detail. If there is a very important element in the CPU computer, then let's go to the extent detailed in this regard.

What is CPU?
What is CPU?

What is CPU?

The Full Form of the CPU is the central processing unit. It is a component of the computer that processes all the instructions. CPU is an important element of the computer. The CPU processes all the instructions of the computer's hardware and software. The CPU is called the most processor or central processor. The CPU is called the brain of the computer. CPU comes in different processing core. The CPU which has two processing courses is called the dual-core and consists of four courses, which are called a quad-core processor.

Components of a CPU

There are mainly two components in the CPU.

ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) - These are arithmetic, mathematical and logical operations.

CU (Control Unit) - Extract instruction from memory and execute decode tax.

What is CPU?

CPU History

The first CPU was built by Intel's company Ted Hof in 1971, which was named Intel 4004. This processor used 2300 transistors, which was made using Pamas technology.

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