How to Create and Delete Twitter Account

How to Create and Delete Twitter Account

The best place for social media on Twitter is Twitter. the recognition of this 280-letter social media platform has raised quickly in India. each different person is using Twitter to attach with one another. Actually, Twitter is that the best medium to keep your thoughts or thoughts in fewer words. the great factor is that the well-known people from all walks with their fans through it. Like Facebook, Twitter is additionally a virtual identity on the net to a good extent.

How to Create and Delete Twitter Account
How to Create and Delete Twitter Account

  • The number of Twitter users in India is increasing quickly
  • Twitter is additionally a virtual identity on the net to a good extent
  • Twitter is that the best medium to keep your purpose or idea in less words

You may be on Twitter. If not, we'll tell you ways you'll be able to create your account on Twitter. it should even be that if you have got been disappointed with using Twitter for an extended time, then we'll additionally tell you how to delete the account.

How to Create a Twitter account

1. Initial of all, go to and access the sign in box, otherwise, you will go straight to

2. Tell your full name, mobile number/email, and password here.

3. Then click on sign up.

4. To verify the mobile number, Twitter can send you the verification code in an SMS text message. Enter the verification code within the box that seems on the page.

5. You'll be able to additionally sign up via email if you would like. However, you'll be asked a mobile number once more on the next page. once this here additionally the process of SMS verification code is completed.

6. Now once you have signed up for Twitter, currently you'll be able to choose your username of choice. By the way, Twitter also will suggest some usernames based on your name. If you wish you'll be able to choose any of those. it should even be that the username you typed isn't available. during this case, you have got to check completely different usernames.

7. Before you go ahead, check your name, mobile number, password, and username once more.

8. Currently, click on Create My Account.

This way your Twitter account is going to be created.

It is possible that you just are using Twitter for many days and currently your mind doesn't appear to use it, you'll be able to additionally delete it. Before you delete the Twitter account, you know a very important thing. you'll be able to deactivate the account. After this, the application goes to Twitter to permanently delete. Deactivation will be done only through it's not possible to do such an app.

How to deactivate/Delete Twitter account

1. 1st sign on

2. Now go to account settings and so click on the deactivate my account at the bottom of the page.

3. Currently read Account Deactivation info and so OK Deactivate My Account.

4. Ask the password once asked. it'll be verified that you just need to deactivate the account.

Let us know that once the deactivation work, the Twitter user keeps the information for thirty days only. After this, the method of deleting the account from the system begins. the company says it will take up to a week. If you would like, you'll be able to activate your account by logging in once more among thirty days.

Hopefully, you'll be able to do your favorite work related to Twitter based on the information given above.

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