Know These Important Things Before Buying Air Purifiers

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Air Purifiers

Given the increasing level of pollution in the country, the air purifier becomes a necessarily essential home appliance. If you are also planning to take an air purifier to avoid this poll, then first know some important things.

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Air Purifiers
Air Purifier

New Delhi is facing serious problems of almost all major cities of the country. The level of pollution is continuously increasing and it seems that after the Diwali, the level of pollution will break all its records. The Air Quality Index has already reached the deadly level in the country's capital Delhi and its adjoining areas. Alam is that people are afraid to get out of the house. Well, the immediate treatment of outside pollution is probably not possible, but we can definitely do some less to insulate the inside of the house.

The best option for controlling the inside of the house is the air purifier. Given the problem of pollution, this product is rapidly making its place in Indian homes and there are no two opinions that it is an important Home Appliance for the safety of your family. You might be surprised to know that some products already present in your home, such as deodorants, inkjet printers, cleaning agents work to pollute the air inside the house. If there is any problem related to respiratory and lungs in the house, then this air purifier becomes the most essential product for your home. If you are also troubled by this pollution and want to buy an air purifier for your home, then we are telling you some important things here, which you have to take care of when buying an air purifier.

  • Asthma patients should take an air purifier that contains TRUE HEPA filters. Along with this, these people should avoid ozone-based purifiers. 
  • People whose immunity is less than the common people should buy purifiers with high-quality HEPA filters. 
  • The predecessors in which the Hepa filter technology is engaged, provide only 100% protection from polluting particles. 
  • Those who live in an area where continuous construction work should be done, they should buy a good pre-filter purifier. Also, do not forget to change these free filters from time to time. 
  • People who live in industrial areas should choose the purifier that comes with the activated carbon filter. This filter greatly reduces the stenosis present in the air. 
  • People who have pets in their home should also choose the best pre-filter purifier. 

You should also keep in mind your home and your room while taking the air purifier. There are different air purifiers in the market according to the size of the different rooms. You should buy a little more efficiency purifiers according to your room. If you are buying purifiers for bedrooms then you should take a low-noise purifier so that you do not have to worry about sleeping. If you buy it for the living room, then take a purifier that has some options in settings so that you can change it according to your need.

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