Top 10 Amazing And Interesting WhatsApp Facts

Top 10 Amazing And Interesting WhatsApp Facts

We are all familiar with Whatsapp, we have become an important part of the lives of people in today's time. Most smartphone users use this app. On the same day, Whatsapp brings new features to our users, which are useful for users.

WhatsApp Facts
WhatsApp Facts

There are WhatsApp Ads that all WhatsApp users are not aware of Whatsapp. If you are a WhatsApp user, you should be aware of the facts related to WhatsApp. Today we will learn about interesting facts related to WhatsApp.

1# Active Users

Whatsapp users are in over 180 countries and monthly active users are more than 100 million, you will be surprised to know that most users of Whatsapp are in India.

2# One Billion + Download

Whatsapp is used in more than 180 countries. Whatsapp has more than billions of users. From this point, you can get an idea of how Whatsapp is widely used.

3# Koum and Brian Acton Were Sacked By Facebook And Twitter

You would be surprised to know that Facebook and Twitter had refused to rent their company by Watersapp's founders Jane Com and Brian Acton.

4# Zero Cash On Marketing

Whatsapp founder Jane Kum and Brian Acton did not make a single penny to reach people for their application. In other words, WhatsApp has never been advertised.

5# Most downloaded App

Many applications around the world are not used, but WhatsAppSpace is one of the most downloaded apps in the world.

6# Whatsapp Group

In Whatsapp, we are involved in any group in any group or are involved any day in the group, but do you know there are more than 100 million groups on Whatsapp?

7# No Data Storage On WhatsApp

Whatsapp users do not know every day, how many hours do they spend in the message in which the users do different types of messages, but do you know that the WhatsApp user does not save data on your server, which is a good thing but backups of Google Keep in.

8# Amazing & Wonderful facts about WhatsApp

  • Over 4,500 million messages have been sent to WhatsAppSetSet.
  • Over 26 million videos are shared.
  • Whatsapp users spend an average of 195 minutes on daily WhatsApp.
  • Over 165 million photos are shared on WhatsApp

9# Language Flexibility

Apart from Whatsapp, there are many messaging services, but WhatsApp is the only app that gives you the option to select 53 languages.

10# No Advertising Policy

You'll use different types of apps in your smartphone, most of them will see ads in all apps but you will not be able to see the ad on WhatsApp because it works on AIDS policy.

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