How To Find Out Smartphone Is Hacked Or Not

Is Smartphone Hack or Not ???

In this world of smartphones where mobile companies are launching smartphones with new features on the one hand. On the other hand, there is a big threat to the security of the smartphone today. Because some of the people who are sitting away from the Internet with our little mistake today can hack our smartphone, the biggest loss is associated with our personal information and online privacy.

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If the phone is hacked, its smartphones are estimated to be hacked in time, we can save huge losses.

What are the symptoms of smartphone hacking?

Here we are telling the symptoms of smartphone hacking if all of these are all the symptoms of your or any person's smartphone, then this smartphone has been hacked.

1. Unknown Apps To Be Installed

First of all, if the phone gets hacked inadvertently and when the Internet is turned on, then the new pop-ups of unnecessary pop-ups and uninstalled apps are installed. So understand that your phone has been hacked.

2. Ads Show In Smartphone

As we know, in the smartphone, advertisements are showcased when using an app on the Internet, which makes the app developer earn. But if there is an inexplicable and excessive amount of useless advertisements being shown in the smartphone, then opportunities for smartphone hacking are increased.

3. Battery Life Will Be Less Faster

Here are two of the two signs that you have a smartphone hacked above, it is common for a smartphone to have a large number of ads if the app installation process runs, it is common for the battery to be reduced fast. While the smartphone is hacked, the new process continues in the phone's background, due to which it lowers the battery faster.

4. Smartphones Get Hot

In the event of a smartphone hack, due to the virus, the phone also has an effect on the storage, so that the memory of the phone itself is rapidly full. This does not allow any app to get the full space to work, and because of the pressure on the phone's processor, the phone starts to heat.

As soon as internet data is turned on, any kind of downloading of video, apps, etc. becomes useless in the smartphone. So, when auto downloading, the opportunities for smartphone hacking are increased.

5. Pop-up show

The biggest problem comes when working on an app, new pop-ups come from time to time, when clicked, it is redirected to the site unknowingly. Therefore, there are signs of having a smartphone hack due to unnecessary pop-up shows.

Yes, of these if you are seeing all the signs in a smartphone, then understand that the smartphone has been hacked. Now the question is, what to do when a smartphone is hacked?

What to do if the smartphone is hacked?

Even though the smartphone is hacked it is a bit difficult to fix it, but try the following two methods at once.

6. App Info

First of all, if the idle apps are being automatically installed on the phone, then you go to settings and click on apps. Now here to check those unnecessary apps, click on those useless apps and from here you can see the details of the force by force stop and disable.

7. Hard reset

In addition to the smartphone hacked, we should reset the phone harder but it will delete all your photos, videos, etc. If your data is very useful when you should save or backup the phone's data on Google Drive. Take your data secure. Now, look carefully at the steps given below to reset the hard disk. Because it is also done to break the pattern lock etc of any smartphone that you can fix yourself.

  • First, switch off your smartphone.
  • Now press the volume button (+) and volume down (-) button on the phone simultaneously, we also have to press the power button together. Now press both these buttons for a few seconds.
  • Now to click on the reset option on the screen, you can access the reset button with the help of volume up and down buttons and click here to use the lock button, pressing press on you click on reset.
  • Your phone will now be formatted shortly And in a few minutes the reboot will turn on, and the interface will open like a new smartphone.

You can also reset your smartphone by going to the settings of the smartphone. All smartphones have a reset option, you can find it by going to the settings in your smartphone.

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