How To Keep Your Facebook Private And Secure

Facebook knows a lot about you but the social media company is not alone here. Many third-party apps and websites are also a part of it. A new report shows that nearly 90 million Facebook accounts have been affected by a vulnerability, which was recently searched by Facebook engineers in an app speciality.

How To Keep Your Facebook Private And Secure

Sadly, this is not the first such report. A new story arises on Facebook and its user data security features almost every day.

  • A new story raises almost every day on Facebook and its user data security features
  • Follow these easy steps to protect your Facebook data

It is hard and difficult to protect your personal data shared on Facebook at such times. Here are some steps you can take to keep your Facebook safe and keep it private:

1. Place A Tab Of  Your App: After doing this you do this for the first time. Visit Facebook and unlink all your apps from your social media app.

To see a list of apps that have access to your Facebook account and to delete them, go to Settings> Apps & Websites. You'll see a list of apps and websites that you have used to log in to Facebook. They can request the information that you choose to share with you. Remove apps and websites you no longer want.

2. Do Not Ask For The Quiz: Cambridge Analyica created their quizzes for cutting data from Facebook. You may consider sharing these alerts with these third-party data collectors. So avoid avoiding quizzing on Facebook.

3. Photo Privacy Settings: By default, Facebook keeps all your posts public. Make sure you specifically specify your audience before posting your photos. It's better to select "Friend Only" as the viewer of your post.

4. Login Notifications: Enable login alerts for notifications received from settings o whenever your account is logged in to an unknown computer or phone. To activate it, get alert about security and login settings> settings> unrecognized login and click on edit> select where you want to receive alerts> Save Changes.

5. Remove Location Information: When you post something, Facebook sometimes automatically selects your location. It is not a good idea to inform everyone about your location. So keep an eye out and if possible, always try to remove location details from your post.

6. Block Suspicious Friends: If you see a friend behaving weird or fake on Facebook, then it is likely that his account may be hacked. Call him to confirm him first and if yes, then block that friend as soon as possible on Facebook.

7. Keep Your Personal Details Private: Your personal details like your Facebook friends, your age, or details of your living city should not be disclosed to everyone. It would be better if you keep them private.

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