What Is Cyber Crime ? Common Method Of Cyber Crime | Quick Tips For Protecting Your Self From Cyber Crime

What Is Cyber Crime? 

First of all, we will talk about cybercrime or crime.

What Is Cyber Crime

 If we say it in general terms
"Cybercrime is a crime in which cyber crime or crime is known for any type of damage to any other person, company, to use computers, internet, software, etc." Whether it is to steal personal information or to withdraw information, to remove information.

Abuse of technology under cybercrime, stealing personal information about someone's bank, manipulating someone's information, misusing someone's identity, (Many people make Facebook IDs using someone else's identity. Fraud. All these things come under cyber crime.

Common Methods

Now we will learn about some cybercrime practices that are commonly used by cybercriminals. We should be aware of these methods so that we can maintain our security to some degree.

Phishing -

This method is used mostly because it is the simplest way. This method can detect the id passwords of any account. In the phishing method, to find out about the ID passwords of any platform, a duplicate page of that platform is created. Whenever a user logs in from the duplicate page, his ID reaches the password hacker.

Example - If hackers have to hack your Facebook account, they will try to log in any way by creating a duplicate page of Facebook login page after logging from the duplicate page created by the hacker. The Facebook ID will go to the password hacker and then easily log in to your Facebook account.


Keylogging method is a very dangerous method. In this method, keylogger software is used, keylogger is software that is hidden, the type of keyboard you type reaches the hacker. Hacker Keylogger software can be installed locally or remotely on your computer. This way hackers can easily steal all your account details easily.

Virus and Weapons-

All computer viruses will be aware of this. They are also used to erase any data, steal, etc., there are many types of viruses that depend on your coding how they work through your computer entry. There are some viruses and heats that are connected to system files.

Advertisement Clicker-

Ad Clicker is a method in which the victim is lured as if you have won I phone 6 to take the phone, many ads come in. Many users fall into greed and fall into their trap. After this hacker easily accesses his device and then many more information, data is stolen.

There are several ways of cybercrime - such as email spoofing, cyber p * radiography, cookie theft, online gambling.

Quick Tips to Protect Yourself from Cyber Crime

Now I am going to tell you some suggestions of people who can help us avoid being caught in cybercrime-

Wireless System-

Many times we get open WiFi networks in public space, many users add their devices for free. Many hackers easily steal data using WiFi, so long as you do not ensure that the WiFi you are using is not secure.

Secure Your Computer-

Always keep your computer safe, always use antivirus on the computer, as well as always keep the antivirus updated. So that no viruses, worms, etc. could not enter you. Always use a reputable antivirus

Virtual Keyboard-

Whenever you use a public space computer and you have to fill in the bank details, always use the virtual keyboard so that no one can help you find the ID password.

Phishing Attack-

To avoid a phishing attack, whenever you see https before you log in to any account, if you get to see the https in the URL, then you are safe. Particularly note during bank related transactions.

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