What is Anti-Skid or Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)?

ABS is known as anti-lock braking system or anti-skid braking system. Maintaining better control of ABS's purpose vehicle ki safe driving is to reduce the distance stopping on the swim dry and slippery surface. The special thing about ABS is that, as a result of a sudden break, the driver helps in maintaining a vehicle's wheels with a road surface in a tractive contact.

It prevents wheels from having a ceasing rotation and also prevents uncontrolled skidding.

ABS was designed for aircraft in 1929 but this four wheel drive car was first used in 1966. Slowly since 1980, ABS began to be introduced in the car and on today's date the system is so popular that every new car will get this system.

How ABS Works

 Anti-lock Brake keeps monitoring the speed of each wheel to detect system locking. As soon as it has a sudden braking detection, it pressurizes the vehicle's hydraulic system, resulting in brake pads discs Let's squeeze against which the car gets slow down. If the ABS system thinks that a wheel is slowing down faster than the rest of the wheels, it automatically reduces the brake pressure on the wheel by opening the hydraulic system's pressure release valve. ABS also has the ability to build pressure from the back of the hydraulic motor. This system reacts very fast, it is very often repeated in process per second, which stops while maintaining the car balance.

With ABS and Without ABS:

 If you have heard that without ABS your car gets slowed more quickly, then it seems to be a reality but in practical terms, ABS's advantage is seen in longer braking distances. ABS is very important when driving on the road because it suddenly comes in the way instead of colliding with something, it helps you to break the car while maintaining the balance while without ABS it is seen that in this condition the train came out. Can hit the cheese.

ABS systems contain the following components:

  1. Some wheel speed sensors
  2. Brake calipers
  3. hydraulic motor
  4. Some pressure release valves
  5. A control module which coordinates with the whole process

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