Read This Before Liking, Sharing Or Commenting On Social Media

The best way to spread your word to the society is to put it on the social networking site, by which thousands of social media users know and unknowingly spread it around by sharing, liking and commenting, but did you think about its loss? If not then read it

Read This Before Liking, Sharing Or Commenting On Social Media

It is not that it is wrong to like or share anything on social media or to comment on a post, but which post you are liking or sharing or commenting on or what kind of post. This is a matter of consideration. Some people post anything to get likes on social media and do not think at all what harm it will cause to others, unknowingly Facebook users share that post and comment and like it.

Best Content to Post on Social Media

  • Share good things so that others benefit.
  • Post content related to studies.
  • You can also post information related to your business on social media, this is the best platform for business.
  • You can put your views on an issue, but do not use abusive language.
  • Share any new information or technical information.
  • Talk with friends and enjoy social media.

What does Cyber Law say

Under Section 66A of the IT Technology i.e. Information Technology Act, it is prohibited to send such messages from computer and communication devices that cause trouble, inconvenience, threat, disturbance, humiliation, injury, criminal provocation, hostility or maliciousness. If you have not done any such post but have shared or commented, then you are also covered under this law. Violation can lead to a sentence of up to three years and a fine.

Please read before post, like, share or comment on social media

  • Never post or like any post that contains a picture or video or any content that is objectionable.
  • Remember, read it carefully before liking, sharing or commenting.
  • Remember that when you comment or like a post, its notification is also visible to your friends.
  • Never post something that is inflammatory, defamatory or tarnishing someone's image.
  • Never post a communal atmosphere and rumor-mongering and if you come to such a post, do not share it nor comment on it.
  • Some people make ghazi or vulgar comments in the comments, this may get you stuck in the scope of the law. If you do so, you can be punished under the IT Act.

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